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GiftBay 6035 Menorah 9 Candle with Antique Copper & Polished Brass Candles Finish Perfect Chanukah Decor 4.75"x1.5"x3.25"h

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A beautiful contemporary menorah with nine candles to celebrate the most auspicious Hanukkah days. It is a perfect to give as a gift or to add to the decor of your home. Lighting the menorah is a symbolic and wondrous ritual. On the first night of Chanukah, blessings are recited and the first candle is placed in the menorah in the spot furthest to the right. On each successive night another candles is added to the menorah, adding candles from right to left, but lighting them from left to right, using the shamash to light each wick. The addition of light with each successive night symbolizes the greatness and growth of the miracle that occurred so many years ago. A brand new menorah hand-made of solid brass in our factory. It is finished in Antique Copper . However, the nine candles are of polished brass finish thus creating a two-tone finish attractive menorah to celebrate the holidays. It is about 4.75" length, 1.5" wide base, 3.25" of height. It will take the candle with diameter of about 0.8 cm/0.32". Guaranteed best value and the quality in the market. Therefore if you are looking for a durable and classic look in a quality product please talk to us first. You would be glad that you did. We have all the sizes in stock for immediate shipment. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

  • beautifully designed two tone finish menorah
  • made of brass
  • Antique Copper & Polised Brass Candles Menorah
  • the size is 4.75" length, 1.5" wide base, 3.25" high
  • It will take the candle with diameter of about 0.8 cm/0.32".