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GiftBay Creations, Inc.

GiftBay Creations® Menorah 7-Branch Silver & Copper Finish. Handcrafted with Classic Embossed Design 4"x1.5"x4" high

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A beautifully designed 7- branch and candle menorah, that has been handcrafted in our factory. An Exquisite choice for your home menorah collection and Gift Giving. All our menorahs are handcrafted by our expert artisans to create very unique menorahs. We strive very hard to provide our world-wide customers truly valued and quality products at very reasonable prices. We are providing our products directly from manufacturer (us) to you with 100% satisfaction warranty at a tiny fraction of prices. Our customers usually comments that, "Our items pictures don't reflect the true beauty and quality of products." Menorah (temple): a seven-branched lamp stand used in the ancient Tabernacle in the desert and Temple in Jerusalem, a symbol of Judaism since ancient times and the emblem of the modern state of Israel. The Seven branch menorah can be found in all synagogues and Jewish homes. The 7 branch menorah is also mentioned in bible.

  • Beautifully designed 7-branch menorah with silver and copper 2-tone finish
  • Made of solid brass metal
  • Nickel plated except the candle holders are finished with antique copper
  • Size is 4" length, 1.5" wide & 4" height
  • Economically priced menorah for year round gift and home decor