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GiftBay Creations, Inc.

GiftBay 4018 Wedding Candelabra, Beaded Candle Pillar Holders, Silver Nickle Plated, 27"H and 17"W

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  • Classic Candelabra with 5 Beaded Pillar Holders for professional Special Event Planners.
  • Candelabra is handcrafted and polished and then nickel plated to to shine as silver finish
  • Designed to dazzle your wedding dinning tables, centerpiece, or the surroundings of the party venue
  • We also manufacture several other designs and sizes of Candelabras up to 72" height and various colors
  • Candelabra height is about 27" and width about 17" measured as the distance between the two beaded cup holders on the opposite sides of the arms