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GiftBay Creations, Inc.

GiftBay 4005 Wedding Candelabra with 5 Holders, Made of Solid Brass, Colored Patina, 26"H and 22"W

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  • Classic Candelabra redesigned to offer Professional Special Events Planners. It comes with 5 candlestick holders
  • Candelabra is handcrafted with brass solid metal and polished and then Colored Patina finish
  • Designed to dazzle your wedding dinning tables, centerpiece, or the surroundings of the party venue as well as to decorate your home
  • We also manufacture several other designs and sizes of Candelabras up to 72" height and various colors
  • Candelabra height is about 26" and width about 22" measured as the distance between the two candle cup holders on the opposite sides of the arms
This beautiful classic antique-look candelabra has been completely redesigned and handcrafted in our factory by expert artisans using high quality brass metal for professional Special Events Planners. This classic design of candelabra belongs to a family of candelabras that we offer with variations. These variations are height of candelabra, width in terms of distance between two candle cup holders located on the opposite side of arms, brass or aluminum metal of construction, candle holders inside glass hurricane lamps, type of finish from nickle silver to patina. We have sizes of candelabras up to 72" height. We have supplied to big Special Event Planners for big wedding and other parties. We do custom manufacturing.